Writ on Water

Writ on Water

Writ on Water Chloe is having visions visions of her upcoming assignment to photograph tombs in Virginia She has the Sight just like her Gran the witch But Gran hasn t taught her anything about her gift and Chl

  • Title: Writ on Water
  • Author: Melanie Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780505527042
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chloe is having visions, visions of her upcoming assignment to photograph tombs in Virginia She has the Sight, just like her Gran, the witch But Gran hasn t taught her anything about her gift, and Chloe is at a loss.

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      436 Melanie Jackson
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      Posted by:Melanie Jackson
      Published :2019-09-14T16:25:59+00:00

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    I'm struggling with this one.e intro has not really grabbed my attention and honestly, I just don't care although the premise so far, photographing funerary art for insurance purposes due to theft, is interesting butho-hum. SO WHAT?! So people are stealing stonework from cemetariesah? But that is where she leaves it. else so I'm not sure why I should care about it. I might try one more time to get to a good part but knowing meI'll end up forgetting about it.Ok, I give upI couldn't get any furthe [...]

    This was a good book. I like Melanie Jackson's writing style. It did stick with me for years, and I never forgot it. I believe that is what makes a good book.

    A photographer hired by an eccentric family to capture the tombstones of the family’s private cemetery finds herself entangled in the drama between the hero and his father and a murder involving the cousin. The heroine quickly becomes much more than just an employee. The bigger than life master of the house treats her like a daughter and is absolutely certain that she will marry his son and carry on the family name. Too bad the hero and the heroine do not get along. Though she extremely attrac [...]

    I could barely get past the first page. My eyes glazed over on the 1st sentence and I had to re-read it and actually focus to understand what she was saying. Writing is like water, it should just flow. There shouldn't be big boulder words getting in my mind's way. Eg "The blooms lost all sense of their formerly neat borders until they overgrew most of the stony path that led to the rusted iron gates; their falling petals were like clots of goare coagulating on the stony ground - evil's secret ga [...]

    It used to be I ALWAYS finished a book if I started it. As I have gotten older I have learned that some books just aren't worth wasting your time on. I hate to say it but this book fell into that catagory for me. I couldn't finish it. So I have to give it a one star review, I just didn't like it.

    This book just never seemed to go anywhere. It starts out with an interesting premise - witch grandma & crazy dreams - but then it was just nothing. It took until halfway through the book for something to happen and even then, it didn't seem to meet with what I had been led to believe to be the main premise of the story.

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